Mexico Notes 3/08

Image by Bob Hansen
Hey Gang,

I´m still alive and well in Mexico. Let me give you a quick update…

After sailing 2500 miles down the west-coast of California and Mexico, the captain of our sailing vessel decided to head back to the Bay Area. I am now living in the small village of Colimilla just north of Manzanillo with my good friend Carlos and his family while I wait for the keys to my new condo that I purchased.

Carlos has a nice in-law unit that he kindly offered to me. He and his family have been a blessing and for that matter, the whole town has been fantastic while welcoming me with arms wide open. These people are wonderful and amazingly kind. I have learned a great deal from these people. Some of the differences that I have learned are…waking up to roosters, seeing Iguana while sipping my morning coffee and having an octopus taco…it´s very good, I may add!

I´ve attached a picture of a few friends for you to enjoy. All the little neighborhood girlfriends love me unconditionally. Funny what animal cookies will do. When they see me, the whole neighborhood of little people come a running.

I wish everyone good health and happiness.

Seas the day,