Mexico Notes 1/08

Image by Bob Hansen
Hola Gang,

I want to say hello to all my friends in the United States. We're still sailing along the coast of Mexico and working our way south to the land of who knows where...could be Tahiti in the near future, ya never know! I'm thinkin' about it. Also, just to let you know. I don't have access to the Internet all the time but I will send emails when possible.

At the present time we are anchored in a small village called Bahia Chamela, Mexico. This village is about 60 miles north of Manzanillo. The further we go south the prettier it gets. Love these white sandy beaches. As a matter of fact, I was just running along the beach today and I felt like a man running in heaven, if that's possible. I held my arms out and looked up and thanked God for this wonderful journey!

Our next stop will be the cove of Bahia Careyes. This is supposed to be quite nice and extremely beautiful. This is home to the endangered Careyes Sea Turtle that only nest in this area. I'll check it out and let ya'll know more later. It also has a very plush hotel and several nice restaurants and cantinas.

We also saw several whales, turtles, rays, dolphins, and caught fish for dinner while sailing this leg of the voyage. I was able to get an okay shot of a whale and I will try to attach it to the next email. I was also able to shoot a video clip of another whale... It's very cool! Oh, and we saw a mommy whale teaching her young how to breach out of the water. This is when they come flying straight up out of the water with incredible force and then slap back down with a thunderous boom. They must have done this at least a dozen times. What a treat it was to watch!

I think it's time for a margarita to go with another fabulous sunset.

Seas the day,